Elena Nicoleta UNTARU, Ana ISPAS


This study intends to identify the reasons which determine young people to choose fast-food restaurants, as well as the criteria they bear in mind, when they choose such places to eat. There are relatively a few studies in Romania, on this field, which deal with young people’s perceptions about fast-food and the products they offer. This study intends to add new information to the specific literature in this field, where we face a growing number of fast - food restaurants and a huge interest young people shown them. The sample included 13 students from Transilvania University in Brasov. Although the research method is a qualitative one, using the focus- group, the results can be taken into consideration by the public decisional factors in the fast- food field in order to elaborate the proper strategies to attract and keep the young consumers.


fast-food; focus-group; motives; young people; restaurant


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