Tourism as one of the most vulnerable sectors in terms of pandemic period in Georgia, Autonomous Republic of Ajara

Giorgi Katamadze


In the modern world, tourism has become a term that is gaining wider meaning day by day. Years ago, in Georgia, tourism was considered as just a journey, but today tourism has acquired various meanings, including: cultural tourism, gambling tourism, maritime tourism, mountain resort, gastronomic tourism, wine tourism, eco-tourism, adventure, agritourism and others.

Despite these many directions in the country, other types of tourism are developing and their individual aspects are also improving. The pandemic had a significant impact on the economic development of those countries, the significant part of the income of which was depended on tourism, and especially affected the coastal region of Ajara AR, where the main economic activity is related to tourism and the tourism season. The article is dedicated to considering the actual problems of tourism during the pandemic as a stress test for the economy and to analyze the positive aspects of this process.

The results of the study will be significant for the business entities, as well as for governmental and non-governmental organizations, and for the scientific community and researchers.


Tourism, economic processes, stress test, crisis


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