Ruxandra Irina POPESCU


This paper work emphasizes the image of the cities within mass-media. The images damage the perceptions and the decisions taken by three groups: the wide audience, the decisional making factors at central level and the habitants within that area. Thus, the media framework has a deep impact on positioning the cities within the international and national tight competition for a wide range of resources such as tourism, investment and business. The first part of the paper presents three general aspects of the subject: how to evaluate the cities image in media, the types of images and the present stage in the field research. The second part is about achieving an integrated model illustrating 4 factors to determine the volume and the patterns nature. These factors are: (1) the main characteristics of the city: the dimension of the population, the geographical positioning, the criminality rate and the number of the national institutions: (2) the editorial politics which takes into consideration the cities (reporters in the field, defining the target audience and the personal experience of the news reporters); (3) the political and social environment where the media has a dynamic play-role; (4) the efforts made by the within the public relations activity.


audience; cities; mass-media


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