Claudia-Elena ŢUCLEA


In the competitive environment in which tourism businesses exist, the quality of service is a vital mechanism used to achieve a competitive advantage. Quality is a difficult construct to quantify, however, the ability to measure quality is key to assessing whether or not the industry provides the service consumers desire. Consumers hold the key to business survival and success. In common with many other service industries competition for loyal consumers is rife. These businesses provide an operating environment where competition is extremely intense and sustained. Such competitive conditions have led to many businesses vying to attract repeat consumers in order to achieve long-term success. Furthermore, financial barriers of entry into this industry are minimal and as a consequence, there are always new providers adding to an already competitive situation. In addition, the constant threat of substitute products or services has heightened the need to develop and maintain a quality approach to consumer expectations and needs. It is difficult to maintain a repeat customer profile in such conditions where a plethora of organisations provides similar offerings, cost often being the deciding factor. However, if an organization emphasizes quality and good consumer rapport, it may generate a loyal repeat customer base and eliminate the threat to the profitability and long-term survival of the organization.


competitively; quality of service; profitability


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