Tourism globalization requires seeking solutions to the problems that involves sustainable development. Tourism sustainable development should meet the present needs of tourists and regions that receive tourists, leaving open the gates to further development of tourism with the preservation of cultural and natural heritage for future generations.Romania, with an experience of over 2000 years in tourism activities, in present its improves the forms of tourism exercise, tourism infrastructure and is in the stage of adopting a strategy of tourist activities, taking into account the experience of advanced countries, the scientific developments from the large university and academics centres. Romania has universal opportunities, specific, unique in tourism development. Romania cannot (nor should) take to a model developed and used in other countries of the world. Romania has its own scientific and practical potential which to substantiate its own strategy, entirely original, which to apply through methods, also, fully specific. Such an orientation cannot be explained only by historical experience or by originality of geographical conditions, climate, traditions, customs, arts, culture, etc.


tourism; tourism area; tourism activity; European tourism

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