Eleina QIRICI, Mamica NENE


The Korça Region is located in the Southeast of Albania and borders Greece and Macedonia to the South and the East. It is a mountainous region with two major lakes, Lake Ohrid, the oldest lake in Europe, which is shared with Macedonia and Lake Prespa which is shared with Greece and Macedonia (100km2 in Albania).If we consider the last years, there is an increasing tendency to improve the tourist facilities and to attract the tourist market which is interested for activities in open nature and relax in fresh and pure air. These demands could be met very well in Korca destination which is characterized by suitable climatic conditions and tourist services. Eventually a combination of development of town tourism and tourist villages helped the sustainability of the development of Korca as tourist destination in general.The main purpose of this paper is to present the using of important - performance analysis in marketing destination for the development of tourism.Highlights: (1) the paper considers multifarious goals of the destination management; (2) a computer booking system is used by hotels and guest houses in the region; (3) the relationship between what a tourists wants to find in a destination and that he finds in fact.


Destination management organizations; Important-tourism analysis; Marketing destination


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