Media - the most important means of communication in tourism

Andreea NISTOR, Alexandru Mircea NEDELEA


The paper explains the importance of mass communication in tourism development, as well as the role of media advertisements, which are a form of marketing. The media produces cultural, social, political and economic benefits of tourism in any country, so everything is influenced by media means. As a result of these changes, the media also has the social responsibility to spread and enhance international, national and local cultural values, thus producing a society, politics and economy. The public communication strategy  is based on quality information that leads to the development of new global tourism through partnership initiatives such as security, peace, developed tourism, technology transfer, conflict resolution, and ecological tourism. Also in this chapter are explained every means of communication in the media and the role that each has in the promotion of tourism, so that television, the internet, the radio, the press, the cinema, the magazines and the specialized publications are the ones that catch the better for the public, all be consumed by different masses of people.


media, communication, tourism


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