Erika KULCSÁR, Andrea ANTAL, Hanna BENŐ, Bíborka KERESZTES


There are multiple opinions regarding the right use of marketing communications. It is debatable whether there is a need to spend money on marketing communications or it is more profitable to invest in the other elements of the marketing mix. It is true that word of mouth has become very important in tourism as well. It is also important to explore to what extent the uniqueness and (natural or man-made) attractions of a tourist destination improves its promotion, reaching the point where the active involvement of the tourist destination can be avoided. The objectives of the present study: (1) to explore the tourism offer of the James Bond action movies, (2) to explore the relationship between tourism and George Ezra songs, (3) to explore the role of a celebrity in the development of tourism of a small settlement or community.


(action) movies; celebrities; marketing communications; tourism; video clips


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