Andreea MANOLIU, Adina Gabriela CROITORU


The Romanian tourism industry has an increasing importance over the economic growth and it currently represents one of the best opportunities to create revenues and workplaces for the country. However, the competitive advantage no longer relies on the natural potential; it is gradually replaced by the anthropical one, represented mainly by science and the information and communication technology (ICT). Therefore, an important topic in relation to changing and renewing the tourism industry regards the use of the information and communication technology. What seems to be necessary for tourism is an intense familiarization with the consumers’ needs and preferences, as well as a quick and fictional approach of the way in which these needs could be met in a more efficient, more attractive way. The use of ICT among the specialized economy agents becomes a strategic priority for the Romanian market, its extremely beneficial effects being well-known for the performance of the sector.


business strategy; information and communication technology; Romanian tourism market


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