The sustainable development in tourism is a necessity, taking into account the fact that the economy and the environment are facets of the same coin, in other words, the two are strongly linked and interdependent. The place of tourism in the sustainable development is given by its role as an industry which sells the physical and human environment as its products. Of course the tourism is one of the industries which has to get involved in the sustainable development, as an industry of resources, dependent of nature’s endowment and of the cultural heritage of each society; the tourism sells these resources as a part of its product, and, in the same time, shares certain resources with other users, including the local population. The sustainable tourism develops the idea of satisfying the current tourists and the touristic industry, and in the same time, of protecting the environment and opportunities for the future. We take into consideration satisfying all the economical, social and esthetical needs of the actors in tourism while maintaining the cultural and ecological integrity, the biologic diversity and all that supports life.


biologic diversity; sustainable development; tourism


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