Cristian Valentin HAPENCIUC, Vasyl F. KYFYAK


The restructuring the global economy is the main factor of which depends the future of sustainable development, major changes being needed in the human behavior, in the system of values and life style. In order to raise people’s sensitivity regarding the importance of constructing ties between natures and cultures, between different world cultures, cultural and natural heritage must be used as efficiently as possible. The second part of this paper refers to a study made on tourism in Bucovina region. This case study may be considered a useful instrument for identifying malfunction in the touristic sector in the south of Bucovina region, in order to supply all necessary information for further development strategies and policies in the field. The statistics in tourism is used in the study of the most stable features of touristic activity behaviour. This study will allow the configuration of a general outlook, which is necessary in order to take the best decisions when it comes to elaborating forecasts in the field.


global economy; natural heritage; sustainable development


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