Gabriela-Liliana CIOBAN


Why “Globalization, EU, and Tourism”? Because we live a historical moment when Romania, as a European country (geographically speaking) is about to be accepted in the select “club” formed by the countries already members of the EU or, to use a very popular saying, we are about to enter Europe. In most of the countries experiencing the transition from communism to the market economy, globalization and the introduction of the market economy failed to deliver the expected results. According to Western Europe, these countries were to experience an unprecedented prosperity because of the new economical system. Instead, all it has brought so far is an unprecedented poverty for the majority of the people; moreover, on many levels, the results of the market economy have proved to be worse than the communist leaders themselves predicted. In spite of all good intentions and the promises made by the developed countries, ideas do not simply change over night, and this stands for both sides involved in this process.


economical system; globalization; market economy


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