A manifestation of tourism, rather than observed, in Romania, is the navigation tourism. The place and role in tourism can be revealed by means of indicators that reflect, both the specific navigation supply, and tourist traffic, as part of navigation tourism demand. Specific activities for tourism, in the accommodation spaces on river and sea ships, in Romania, led to results that are played through the statistical data provided by the National Institute for Statistics. The processing of the information on the navigation tourism, in Romania, included on the one hand a structural analysis of such indicators to reflect developments in tourism naval by categories of tourists in relation to their area of residence, and on the other hand studying the dependence between supply and demand for places on fluvial and maritime ships. The conclusions represent both an outline of a overall picture of ship of tourism in Romania, and framework required course of future naval tourism services, quality which may lead to a significant impact on Romanian tourism.


navigation tourism; accommodation spaces on marine and river ships; naval tourist supply; naval tourist traffic


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